In with a BAM – Stem Cells Advance Bladder Regeneration

The bladder acellular matrix is a housing of connective tissue that provides structural support for the functional cells of the bladder

New research from McGill University has shown that the bladder acellular matrix [BAM], or the external structure of connective tissue and growth factors that house the cellular components of the bladder, can serve as a scaffolding unit for mesenchymal stem cells [MSCs] to regenerate healthy bladder tissue.  The stem cells receive growth factors from the BAM, which direct them to differentiate into new bladder cells that, when transplanted into an animal model, exhibit nearly 100% normal bladder capacity and function. Continue reading

Human Lungs Successfully Grown in Lab via Stem Cells

Scientists may have found a solution for immune rejection of lung transplants.

Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch have successfully grown human lungs in vitro [in a lab] by utilizing stem cells.  The team of scientists, led by Dr. Michael Riddle, used a donated lung to engineer a scaffold outlining the lung’s architecture.  Then, they seeded the scaffold with stem cells from the donor’s complementary lung to create a complete, functional, and healthy lung.  Continue reading