Bone Regeneration Made Possible With Stem Cells

Epibone creates precisely measured scaffolding for stem cells to recreate damaged bone.

The New York-based startup Epibone intends to begin human testing on a procedure that will utilize stem cells to regenerate living bone tissue.  The researchers, originally from Columbia University, will apply autologous [the patient’s own] stem cells to nanofiber scaffolding of the desired size and shape and direct the stem cells to differentiate into a physical and genetic replica of the patient’s own bone. Continue reading

Advance in Understanding of Stem Cells Could Lead to Therapies For Bone Loss

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Researchers at Georgia Reagents University, Medical College of Georgia have discovered a signaling molecule that helps stem cells to survive in a low-oxygen environment, such as inside the bone marrow.  This discovery is a significant advance in understanding the way stem cells works in their natural environment thus aiding researchers in the development of more effective therapies to combat bone loss as the world population ages.

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Researchers direct stem cells to increase bone formation and strength

Researchers at the University of California have developed a new technique that utilizes stem-cell-binding molecules to aid in regenerating bone tissue.  By directing the body’s own stem cells to the bone surface, mesenchymal stem cells then differentiate into bone-forming cells and synthesize proteins to enhance bone growth and regeneration.  For patients with osteoporosis, this new regenerative therapy could mean increased bone density and prevention of further bone loss.

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