Stem Cells With a Heart of Gold.

Scientists use gold nanoparticles to improve stem cell transplants for heart disease patients.

A team of bioengineers from Tel Aviv University is currently developing a scaffold to help regenerate heart muscle through the use of autologous stem cells.  The scientists, led by Dr. Tal Dvir, aim to replace damaged cardiac tissue in heart attack patients by creating a scaffold out of collagen and gold nanoparticles, and then infusing it with the patient’s own stem cells to stimulate the rejuvenation of cardiomyocytes. Continue reading

Study Shows Autologous Stem Cells Have Capacity to Repair Heart Damage

Japanese researchers have successfully used autologous (a patient’s own) stem cells to grow new heart muscle tissue in order to treat heart disease.  In the study, the researchers found that implanting this new tissue into damaged heart tissue resulted in overall improved heart function.

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