Tipping the Scales: Stem Cells May Help Prevent Obesity and More.

Scientists have found that the alteration of stem cell cilia can have a positive effect on weight loss.


In a recently published study from the Queen Mary University of London, scientists discovered a connection between the length of cilia [hair-like projections for cell movement] on stem cells and their proclivity towards differentiating into fat cells.  By restricting the elongation of stem cell cilia, the researchers were able to impede on the formation of new fat cells. Continue reading

Stem Cells Utilized to Generate “Mini-Kidney”

Three-Dimensional kidneys will allow doctors to better study kidney diseases.

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have developed a method for generating a small, three-dimensional kidney structure thus enabling researchers to better understand various kidney diseases and to enhance the development of more personalized, effective treatment options. Kidney disease is a significant health issue with Chronic Kidney Diseases affecting one in every 10 American adults. Continue reading

Columbia University Advances Stem Cell Based Approach to Repairing a Torn ACL

Stem cells could be used to expedite the healing process of a torn ACL

Researchers in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Columbia University have developed a methodology utilizing mesenchymal stem cells [the type of stem cells found in teeth] to engineer fibroblast tissue in the ACL. The stem cells were treated with both chemical growth factors and mechanical factors [scaffolding and mechanical stimuli], which enhanced the regeneration of connective tissue. Continue reading

Dr. Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney

The future of Regenerative Medicine is now.  Watch Dr. Anthony Atala discuss advances in regenerative medicine at a recent TED conference.  Learn about organ regeneration and printing tissue and organs using 3D printing technology and a patient’s own stem cells.  To learn more about stem cells and the opportunity to bank your own valuable stem cells for use in futureregenerative therapies, visit www.stemsave.com or call 877-783-6728 (877-StemSave) today.

The Future of Regenerative Medicine is Now – Creating Organs With Your Own Stem Cells

Dr. Seifalian








Researchers all around the world are working towards utilizing stem cells to grow replacement organs. While once thought to be a futuristic concept, it is now very real. Doctors and researchers have successfully transplanted lab grown bladders, blood vessels, tear ducts, arteries and windpipes. Now, research teams around the world are growing urethras, bile ducts, larynxes, bones, livers, kidneys, and even hearts.

Continue reading