NY Times: Growing Tailor Made Organs With Your Own Stem Cells


As evidenced by the recent NY Times article regarding tailor made organs grown with an individual’s own stem cells – the future of regenerative medicine is now.  As we have reported in past blogs and newsletter posts, researchers are creating organs and tissue – for transplantation, utilizing the patient’s own [autologous] stem cells.  We believe the processes outlined in the NY Times report represents the emerging gold standard in regenerative medicine; whereas, the individual’s own stem cells are recovered, expanded and cultured and then transplanted back into the individual.

The New York Times reports on a myriad of organs being created – in addition to Andemariam Beyene’s windpipe, researchers at Wake Forest have created bladders and are currently working on kidneys and livers; labs in the Netherlands and China are working on blood vessels and we, at StemSave, have reported on the efforts of researchers to harness the power of stem cells to grow lung, muscle and heart tissue and to develop treatments for cerebral palsy, alzhiemers, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, heart failure, joint degradation, stroke and blindness [to name a few].  The NY Times report illustrates the paradigm shift regenerative medicine will engender in the field of medicine – replacing today’s drug oriented and often invasive procedures with an approach utilizing the body’s own repair and maintenance systems to restore health.  As Dr. Macchiarini, who developed the treatment to replace Mr. Beyene’s windpipe, sees it, “Just use his [the patient’s] body to recreate his own organ.”

As the treatments and research highlighted in the NY Times article makes clear, the best and safest source of stem cells for use in these emerging therapies will be the patient’s own stem cells.  To learn how to bank your own valuable stem cells to insure your future health, visit www.stemsave.com or call 877-783-6728 (877-StemSave) today.

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